The best definition of a good idea is a new idea that works better then the old one. Approaching problems from new angles and thinking out of the box to create a forward momentum is the key to success. However, if the idea can't get off the ground, you are back to square one. And sometimes beyond that. In the late 1970s, some Swedish promotion people wanted to project the band name "ABBA" on the surface of the moon, using a heavy laser. The idea itself was of course brilliant, but due to the earths atmosphere it would never work. To have a 25-piece orchestra perform on the beach of a remote island with no harbor is another exciting approach. No worry about the earths atmosphere, and a great thing for audience and media. However, you need a stage, you need a sound system, instruments and backline. You need electric power. So you probably need to borrow a large, military landing craft with crew. When you have the ship you just need to scout for landing sites, check the tide, the depths and the forecast. Anything goes, as long as the brilliant ideas match with sufficient experience from large scale productions.