Olga Konkova Trio

Olga Konkova

As a student, Olga Konkova completed a full classical education as well as a qualified jazz education. This is the key to her ability to blend brilliant technical capacity with extraordinary improvisational skills. Not just in a soloist role, but also (and at times especially) when playing accompaniment. She is inside the music at all times.

Olga Konkova is delivering gracious, modern, hard swinging jazz - however still able to change the direction in a split second if  that is where the music is going. Olga Konkovas new trio album «The Goldilocks Zone» actually feature her two «husbands». She is only married to one of them, bass player Per Mathisen. The other husband simply carries the family name Husband. His given name is Gary, and he is the percussionist of the trio. Bassist Per Mathisen is one of Norways most renown bass players; a session ace, and a fantastic jazz soloist. Hi has recorded several albums, and is well known for his collaboration with drummer Alex Acuña. Like Olga, percussionist Gary Husband has roots in classical music. His development in the improvisational, jazz and jazz/fusion areas - not to mention his tenure in pop, rock and blues circuits - are all evident inside Gary Husbands distinct and versatile musical personality. He is the drummer of John MacLaughlins group «The 4th Dimension, and also have status as a critically acclaimed writer and arranger in the contemporary world.