Artic Race Opening show 2015

Team presentation from main stage at the Opening show

Mansard Management produced and directed the opening show of the 2015 Arctic Race Norway. The arena was established at Harstads waterfront, between the University and the city port. Some 5 000 people enjoyed the team presentations hosted by Thor Hushovd and Knut-Eirik Dybdal, a live TV-production and a musical show featuring the 28-piece Norwegian Army Band North with profiled guest artists and bands. A giant LED-screen provided live images from the main stage as well as the content of the TV-production, shot at a separate stage. Mansard Management operated a professional production team of 15 and additional hired hands and volunteers. Traffic regulations and security was planned by Mansard Management in cooperation with the Police, and handled by personnel from the Coastal Ranger Command. The Red Cross and Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue) provided medical and sea rescue support.