Opening show Barents Spectacle 2015

Philippe Priasso in the air, Guillaume Olmeta in the digger and lights design by Tor S Ditlevsen

Mansard Management was responsible for pre-production, artistic supervision and visual production of the opening show at Barents Spectacle 2015, featuring the dance company Beau Geste. An open air dance performance in Arctic winter conditions, choreographed by Dominique Boivin for a digger and a dancer with live music. A circle-shaped arena of 800 square meters was prepared below the separation factory of AS Sydvaranger. Two 6 meter tall light towers were raised on each side of a 2000-capasity amphitheater, made of snow.

The temperature had reached 16 degrees celsius below zero when dancer Philippe Priasso appeared between the process tanks of A/S Sydvaranger. The illuminated fumes of the open tanks created a living backdrop for the high up choreography. The show was timed and run by the clock. Due to the cold and icy conditions, radio communications and digital devises were not to be trusted.