The composer who joined the Army

Ole Olsen at the very left. In the middle, Edvard Grieg.


In the left picture, we can se composer Ole Olsen posing with the major celebrities of Norwegian music in 1899. Here is Johan Halvorsen, Nina Grieg, Johan Svendsen, Christian Sinding, Agathe Backer-Grøndahl and others. In the middle of the group Edvard Grieg. The photo is taken less then a year before Ole Olsen was appointed Music Inspector of the Norwegian Army. The right picture shows a somewhat elder Olsen in uniform, with the rank of major. He held the position in the Army for 20 years. Ole Olsen was a remarkable person in Norwegian music. By the recommendation of Edvard Grieg, he become the successor of Johan Svendsen as conductor of the Music Society Orchestra in Christiania, today known as the Oslo Filharmonic Orchestra. Mansard Management is developing a new production where Ole Olsen will be present with his music, especially his work with folk music from northern Norway. Also, his military career will be a significant part of the production. The rest is for the time being Top Secret.